Pass the Hat Volume 1

A 50 song compilation, and community fundraiser

Amidst the current Coronavirus pandemic, many aspects of the global arts communities have been disrupted. Unfortunately, gigging musicians seem to be getting hit harder than most folks right now. All in person concerts, festivals and events have been cancelled worldwide for the next few months, if not the remainder of 2020.

Here at The Noise Floor, we have launched an effort to help as many of the local musicians as we can during this time. We have currated a 50 song compilation, showcasing 50 different musicians or bands from the greater seacoast area of NH and ME.

Launched on April 15th, we are organizing a 30 day crowd funding campaign, accepting donation in exchange for a massive 50 song compilation of all original recordings. Please follow our link to our crowd funding campaign.


contributing artists

Pass the Hat Volume 1 artwork generously created by Roland Nicol.

Please look through our list of contributors, follow their links to hear some of their other musical releases as well as supporting them directly by purchasing any of their music that speaks to you.

*indicates an unreleased studio production

Jenna Paige Sarno *                   
Slack Tide  *                                     
Bob Halperin
Erin's Guild                                    
Ellisa Margolin *                            
Nick Rolser                                    
Eric Ott *                                             
Peter Squires                                
New Norde  *                                    
Kate Redgate  *                               
Curt Hanig                                       
Jim Rioux                                          
The Kenny Brothers Band *      
Guy Capecelatro III                      
Red Tail Hawk  *                                
Patrick Curry of Wellfleet        
Adam Wade
Eric Fernald 
Chris Sink                                        
Nickie Fuller and Bill Benoit (The Hush Darlings)
Dave Gerard of Truffle             
Johanna Landis                             
Scott Solski of Trade  *                
Marjorie Senet                              
Don Erdbrink  *
Dean Harlem                                 
Brian Walker  *                               
Bitter Pill  *                                       
Yamica Peterson                          
Jon McCormack's Paintbox   
Amanda McCarthy                     
George Brown                               
A Different Engine                      
Half Moon Jug Band  *                
The Grim Bros   *                           
Dan Walker   *                                 
Jim Dozet   *                                    
John Lessard
Jason Anik                                  
Weird Turn Pro                        
Amulus   *                                      
James R. Gray                          
Chris Decato                            
Joe Young   *                                
Sal Hughes                                

Max Grazier *                             

Kong Moon   *                           

Doug  *                                           

Get involved

If you would like to donate directly, offer your time or services to our cause, or are in need yourself, please contact us here.